Gameschooling. Yes, it’s a thing! You might be amazed at how easily and efficiently games can be used every day in your homeschool. From overtly to covertly educational, there are all kinds of wonderful games your family will have a blast playing and learning from. Why should you add board games to your homeschool? …

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Finding Your Homeschool “Style”

  There is no singular style of homeschooling, there is no best way in which to homeschool, and there is nothing wrong with trying out multiple styles or switching styles as needed. What is important is taking your time to research all of the amazing styles out there, asking others about their experiences, and thinking …

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Homeschooling A Child With Disabilities

    While all children absorb and disseminate information differently, children who have disabilities face additional obstacles that can impact their learning experience. For our kids (we have three with a variety of health challenges) their disabilities impact how they absorb and process information, how long they can focus on learning, and their ability to …

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Standing in Solidarity: Resources for Talking About Police Brutality

Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance stands in solidarity with the families who have lost loved ones to police brutality, as well as with the community members who rise up to demand justice.  When tragic events unfold in our community, it can be hard as a parent to determine how best to talk with our children about these …

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Getting Started With Homeschooling!

Congratulations on deciding to homeschool your children…let the adventure begin! One of the questions the board members of Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance often receive is: “am I qualified to teach my child?”  If you are the parent of the child you intend to educate, the answer is a resounding YES!  Most home educators meet this qualification.  …

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