Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance 

Founded in 1991, the Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance is a volunteer-run, 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Our members are a diverse group of families and learners from various backgrounds and approaches to homeschooling. As the leading voice of secular homeschoolers in Minnesota, our organization not only provides resources for homeschooling families, but also seeks to strengthen the bond between everyone in our community. 

Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance exists to: 

  • Support and inform families who choose home education
  • Inform the general public about secular home education
  • Protect the right to home education 
  • Provide social occasions and group education experiences for member families 

As a secular organization, Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance is committed to providing support to all Minnesota families that choose to educate their children at home without bias for or against any religious group or political affiliation. All homeschooling families–current or prospective–are welcome to join Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, political affiliation, creed, ethnicity, sexual preference, ability, familial status, or socioeconomic class.