Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The homeschool parent often finds themselves striving to make educational and social connections. Building community–through classes, activities, excursions, friendships, and the exchange of ideas–is of the utmost importance to all of us in the homeschool community.

One of the goals of the Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance Board of Directors is to strengthen the bond between everyone in our community, and to ensure that the marginalized voices among us are heard. Without creating actionable goals and striving to meet the needs of the unheard, we cannot truly begin to actualize our goal of community building. 

The Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance provides service to support all homeschooling families, and is unequivocally committed to championing antiracism, accessibility, diversity and inclusivity, as an organization and within our community. 

Achieving both diversity and inclusivity requires Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance to: 

  1. Have board members who reflect the increasingly diverse community that we serve
  2. Expand homeschool awareness among the diverse and underserved communities in Minnesota by developing programs/services geared towards these populations
  3. Contribute to efforts throughout Minnesota that are making communities more accessible, anti-racist, diverse, and inclusive

Our vision includes 

  1. Being a respectful and supportive organization (board and members) that is broadly representative of the community we serve 
  2. Having an organization that caters to the local community and creates programs and opportunities that reflect the diversity in Minnesota

Our values include putting forth every effort to reflect diversity (including, but not limited to:  race, gender, religious beliefs, country of origin, creed, immigration status, ethnicity, sexual preference, ability, familial status, or socioeconomic class) 

We value diversity by

  1. Accepting, respecting and valuing individual differences
  2. Embracing the backgrounds and experiences of our board and Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance members

We value inclusion by

  1. Identifying, addressing and removing misconceptions and barriers in our organization and community, including practices, communications, programs, and services 
  2. Facilitating opportunities that result in active and meaningful participation of all members
  3. Creating ideas, programs, and solutions built upon a range of perspectives

We will continue to learn and take action, honor and celebrate accomplishments, recognize and do the necessary work to ensure equity in our community. Giving voice and providing service to the marginalized is at the heart of what Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance believes in, and we will continue to do so with thoughtful and persistent efforts.