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MHA is a MN 501c3 organization focused on supporting your homeschool family! It is managed by committed volunteers from across the state who want to support homeschool families just like theirs! 

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MN Community Groups

There are MN families like yourself all over the state. MHA has begun to compile a list of facebook and websites for secular homeschool in-person and virtual gatherings, online communities, and support groups. 

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Not only are we rebuilding our blog with interesting, relevant articles focused on secular homeschooling… we are also looking for creative writers! Interested in sharing your experiences on choosing curriculum, homeschool styles, working while homeschooling, etc? If so, drop us an email at mha@homeschoolers.org!

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Make a Difference!

MHA is managed by homeschool parents, just like you! We answer your questions, create educational resources, and host community events/activities (hopefully soon!!) However, we cannot do all the amazing things that members want without volunteers. Whether you have one hour or a gazillion hours available each month, we hope that you will join us!

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