Homeschooling With Special Needs

Children come to the school desk with all sorts of strengths and challenges. For those with health and learning concerns, it sometimes takes some creative teaching to empower and educate these children. Homeschooling is a phenomenal method for teaching children with health and learning challenges. 
With homeschooling, your child can learn when they learn best. Some children learn best in the morning, some late at night. Some learn best with set schedules and structure, while others prefer to learn on the go. There are children that prefer to learn some subjects on some days, but not on others. There are other children that need to learn slow and steady, and families choose to teach year- round. The possibilities are endless!
Learning Style Customization
People learn differently. Some learn through hands on activities, others learn through listening to audio recordings and books. Others might prefer to learn through visual stimulation, like moves and videos, and yet others who like to read books, and retain information best through that format. With homeschooling, learning can be customized and this is extremely important for children who struggle with learning or who need creative learning methods. 
Flexible Grade Levels
In homeschooling, your child learns at their speed. For those excelling at math, they might keep moving ahead and building new math skills- sometimes far above their peers. If they are struggling with math, then you can go back over lessons and try different ways of teaching to find what fits them. There is no need to keep a child in one specific grade of learning for all subjects. If you have a first grader who reads at a 3rd grade level, then they can keep working on that skill. If you need to hold a first grader back and repeat some of the math, it is ok! What is important is that they take the time to learn and retain their information.
Medical Appointments
For those of us with endless PT/OT/ST and other therapy appointments, trying to fit in a traditional school experience can be challenging. We want to be as proactive as possible with our child’s health but can feel like it is a one or the other- healthcare or school. With homeschooling, children can learn during those appointments, on the way there and back, and at all the in between times. There is no reason why a child can’t learn and get all of the medical care that they need!