General Homeschooling Information

Whether you are pondering starting your homeschooling journey or are currently homeschooling, MHA is here to support you and your family. Why?
Because Homeschooling is for EVERYONE! 
Homeschooling is an astoundingly diverse experience. No matter your political affiliation, religious preferences, socio-economic status, cultural identity, or family situation- there are families out there just like you that are homeschooling. This diversity is part of the magic of homeschooling. 
Homeschoolers are your Neighbors!
These days, you can find homeschoolers just about everywhere. We are your neighbors. We’re moms and dads who work as teachers, artists, doctors, homemakers, tradesmen, farmers, entrepreneurs and more- just like you! Homeschoolers have simply made the choice to continue the job we began when our kids were small and we helped them learn how to walk and talk- we choose to remain our children’s primary educators. 
Homeschoolers live and learn in the real world!
We are active in our communities, and we’re learning wherever we go- whether we’re taking classes, volunteering, playing sports, working, enjoying the outdoors, or just handing with friends. The homeschooling lifestyle affords us many benefits including: customized learning, more time for our families, flexible scheduling, community engagement, and helping our kids find and follow their interests. 
Homeschooling is flexible!
One of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is the opportunity to provide customized learning to our children. There is a plethora of curriculum and educational experiences available within our community to educate and empower our children. Through homeschooling children can learn through hands on, auditory, and visual experiences. They can take their time to learn through flexible schedules and year-round learning. This flexibility empowers children to learn at their own speed and to their best ability!